Agility India Hosts Second Annual Cold Chain Conference  

Agility India Hosts Second Annual Cold Chain Conference  

Focus on perishable goods and pharmaceutical supply chains

Agility, a leading global logistics provider, hosted Pharmerging Expo 2019 and Unbroken Cold Chain – Series II, a conference bringing together over 300 professionals from the supply chain industry.

The gathering, now in its second year, featured five panel discussions on key issues for the life science industry, including perishable and pharmaceutical supply chains, challenges in ocean freight and air freight transhipment hubs.

At the conference, Agility launched and showcased a co-branded passive packaging solution, Agile+, developed in collaboration with PLUSS Advanced Technologies and Tagbox.

Agile+ is a shipment box for the pharmaceutical industry that can be used to move highly critical international shipments.

Agile+ can keep strict temperature levels for up to 120 hours, and the box’s tracking system provides users with real-time visibility of temperature status and location.

Satish Lakkaraju, Chief Commercial Officer, Agility India, said, “The life science industry is one of Agility’s key verticals, and is particularly important to Agility India, given the large pharmaceutical market here.

“We wanted to focus the Unbroken Cold Chain event on how the industry can address challenges in air and ocean supply chains as it relates to the pharmaceutical industry – something the conference did successfully.”

As part of the conference, Agility also hosted Pharmerging Expo, an exhibition for the stakeholders of pharmaceutical supply chain. The exhibition had 25 booths from airlines, shipping lines and airports, giving companies the opportunity to display pharma supply chain solutions.

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SGK Kishore, CEO and Chairman, GMR Hyderabad International Airport (GHIAL), said, “Both the Pharmerging Expo and the Unbroken Cold Chain – Series II gave premium pharmaceutical cargo and logistics operators the opportunity to collaborate and exhibit the latest information and tools in the growing pharma business.

“Hyderabad International Airport has always been a preferred destination for pharmaceuticals with more than 60% of cargo being pharma products.

“GHIAL, as an airport operator, is committed to working with our partners to enable a robust pharma logistics value chain using innovative technology and digital concepts. We thank Agility for organizing this event and welcome all the industry players who participated.”

The Pharmerging Expo 2019 and Unbroken Cold Chain – Series II took place January 28 – 30 at the Novotel Hyderabad Airport.

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