DHL Sets Up Humanitarian Logistics Centre in Dubai
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DHL Sets Up Humanitarian Logistics Centre in Dubai

Dubai is the ideal hub: DHL Global Forwarding CEO

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DHL Global Forwarding has consolidated its portfolio of humanitarian logistics services with its first Global Competence Centre for Humanitarian Logistics, designed to meet growing global demand for these logistics services.

Said Amadou Diallo, CEO, DHL Global Forwarding, Middle East and Africa: “The impact of conflicts and natural disasters on the world is evident.

“At DHL Global Forwarding, we have the capability, expertise and global network to render resilient logistics support to organizations who are highly committed to ensure that critical resources are delivered, to meet the needs of those who require them.”

The Centre will see close coordination across all DHL business divisions to provide all related services and products, to meet customers’ needs.

Mr Diallo explains why Dubai is the ideal hub for Humanitarian Logistics.

With its geographical location and longstanding reputation as a cluster for global aid and relief organizations Dubai currently plays host to several major logistics hubs including the International Humanitarian City, the largest humanitarian hub worldwide.

Nine United Nations (UN) agencies and 48 NGOs currently run logistics operations from Dubai’s the International Humanitarian City.

The DHL Centre will play the pivotal role of coordinating humanitarian logistics services globally, by leveraging expertise in regional hubs in Sub-Saharan Africa and Europe – to optimize delivery schedule and routes to areas which need the resources.

A DHL veteran with over 15 years of experience in creating, providing and implementing solutions for complex humanitarian operations, Fatima Ait Bendawad has also been appointed to lead the Global Competence Centre for Humanitarian Logistics.

Fatima Ait Bendawad, Head of Global Humanitarian Logistics Competence Centre, DHL Global Forwarding
Fatima Ait Bendawad, Head of Global Humanitarian Logistics Competence Centre, DHL Global Forwarding

The Centre offers non-governmental organizations, aid agencies, and their suppliers and manufacturers a broad range of services including air and ocean freight, customs clearance, warehousing and local distribution of humanitarian shipments.

Said Ms Fatima: “The level of preparedness – whether it be expedited customs clearances, readiness to handle dangerous goods like chemicals or medicines, or processes for on-ground collaboration between multiple agencies directly correlates with the efficiency of humanitarian logistics.

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“Our work on the front line, has helped us build and maintain familiarity with the nuances of compliance, regulation and international standards that apply to movements of critical goods.”

These services will be backed by control tower and data analytics services designed to offer heightened levels of freight visibility for humanitarian situations of any level of urgency and complexity.

Organizations can also use the Centre to tap into DHL Global Forwarding’s global network of freight connections for rapid, efficient transport of resources; as well as sector-specific services including temperature-controlled and cold-chain shipments for life sciences and healthcare – critical for public health assistance projects involving the long-term delivery of medicines and medical equipment to developing areas.

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