UPS Expands My Choice Service to 96 Additional Countries
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UPS Expands My Choice Service to 96 Additional Countries

Service now Available in 112 Countries

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UPS has announced the global expansion of UPS My Choice® service to 96 additional countries and territories, bringing the total to 112 served, including the UAE.

With the entrance into countries and regions in Africa, Asia Pacific and the Indian Subcontinent, Caribbean and Central and South America, Middle East and Oceania, and an expansion in Europe, this package-delivery management service will be in the world’s major e-commerce markets in time for the key holiday shipping season.

The expansion, which takes UPS My Choice service far beyond the original 16-country-and-territory footprint, comes in two phases: The first brought the service to 48 additional locations worldwide over the summer. Phase two, which includes another 48 countries and territories, begins this month with completion expected this year.

Said Nando Cesarone, president of UPS International: “Every UPS My Choice user will have access to e-mail notifications that a delivery is on its way, an alert the day before delivery with a delivery-window estimate, notification that package is out for delivery, and a notification that delivery is completed.”

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“With this expansion, shippers can benefit from fewer customer inquiries and missed deliveries, while consumers enjoy increased visibility and, in many cases, the opportunity to adjust delivery dates and locations.”

This expansion, the largest since the service was launched seven years ago, comes as UPS My Choice enrollment crosses the 52 million-member mark worldwide. This combination of scale and geography provides e-commerce shippers a distinct advantage as cross-border shopping increases.

The global expansion includes actionable text alerts in many countries and territories for greater convenience when managing deliveries.

In countries where technology allows delivery change options, users can route packages to UPS Access Point® locations, send them to another address or opt for delivery on another day.

There are currently more than 28,000 UPS Access Point locations worldwide, which include independently owned and operated businesses that offer customers a convenient and safe place to pick up shipments on their schedule.

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