Watch: Dubai-Abu Dhabi Hyperloop Pod Released

Watch: Dubai-Abu Dhabi Hyperloop Pod Released

Hyperloop will slash Dubai-Abu Dhabi travel time to only 12 minutes

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HyperloopTT) has provided a first look of their full-scale passenger Hyperloop capsule today at an unveiling ceremony in Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain.

The event was also held to commemorate the five-year anniversary of the founding of HyperloopTT and showcased the company’s progress since it was established as the first Hyperloop company in the world.

The capsule, “Quintero One” is constructed almost completely out of HyperloopTT’s Vibranium, a specially made dual-layer smart composite material.

Hyperloop TT also has offices in Dubai, where one of the world’s first hyperloops is set to be inaugurated by 2019.

The hyperloop will shoot passengers and cargo at up to 750mph and slash travel times from Abu Dhabi to Dubai to only 12 minutes.

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