Dubai Mega Tunnel Details Confirmed
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Dubai Mega Tunnel Details Confirmed

Video articulates Dubai Municipality vision for tunnel

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Dubai Municipality has articulated the details for the excavation of the Deep Tunnel Storm Water System for Airport City-Expo 2020 which will begin in December.

Although planned for Expo 2020, the drainage system will be working for years after.

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Dawood Abdul Rahman Al Hajiri, Director General of Dubai Municipality, is leading the project launched in October 2017.

Al Hajiri said: “TBM 1 will begin its drilling work from the starting of the seventh intersection on Shaikh Zayed Road for a distance of 2.4km towards the sea up to the location of the main pumping station, then be dismantled and reassembled to move from the seventh intersection until the eighth intersection along 1.7km.

“In parallel, the second TBM drilling machine will start work from the Expo intersection on Jebel Ali-Al Lehbab Street for a distance of 5km and will continue until the eighth intersection on Shaikh Zayed Road.

“The drilling will be done in two types of soil — the weak rocky soil and clay soil with an average depth of 42 metres.

“The tunnel with a diameter of 10 metres will consist of eight concrete segments per ring, each 35cm thick.

“There will be two segment types — 1.6m and 2m wide and each piece will be weighing seven tonnes. These pieces will be fixed by iron pegs and sealed with epoxy (resin).”

Watch a video below explaining the mega tunnel.

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