New Report Eyes Middle East Investment Opportunities
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New Report Eyes Middle East Investment Opportunities

ResearchandMarkets offer a thorough review of the state of play in the Middle East for 2018

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A new Middle East focussed report, the "Middle East Logistics Investment Opportunities 2018" study, has been released by market research giant ResearchAndMarkets.

Since the oil price crash, GCC countries and Iran have had to adjust to a new set of realities.

The region is in a state of political upheaval with Saudi Arabia undergoing a political transformation, Iran emerging from international isolation and an ongoing blockade of Qatar.

These developments have profound implications for the region's economy and logistics sector, with new opportunities emerging from liberalisation and previously sound growth strategies now in question.

These factors have necessitated a reassessment of the logistics prospects for the region.

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The aforementioned report examines the new set of opportunities by country, sector and logistics market; and identifies the growth models that are no longer viable.

Key analysis includes:

  • Comparative analysis of the scale and quality of infrastructure by country (container ports, airports, road and rail)
  • Comparative economic analysis by country (GDP, GDP growth forecasts, GDP per capita, the price of oil, exports and imports by commodity, export and import forecasts)
  • Comparative vertical sector analysis (automotive, chemical, consumer/ retail, defence, e-commerce, healthcare/ pharmaceutical, LNG and oil & gas)
  • An introduction to GCC and Iran logistics. This explains the structure and nature of logistics provision in the region, an assessment of how many LSPs there are in various revenue tiers (over 1bn, 500m to 1bn, 100m to 500m, 50m to 100m and less than 50m), estimated revenues of key players and a comparative analysis of logistics performance by country

The report also provides country profiles for Iran and each member of the GCC (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates).

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The report assesses in detail the key economic and political developments in the region and their impact on industry and logistics.

Topics covered include Qatar's blockade, Iran's emergence from international isolation, the rise of Saudi Arabia's young crown prince Muhammad bin Salman and the various diversification strategies away from oil.

The report also identifies airport and container port volumes by country, the highest volume facilities by country and the major development projects by country.

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