DHL CEO: Protectionism Doesn’t Work

DHL CEO: Protectionism Doesn’t Work

DHL CEO Frank Appel lays out stinging rebuke to US policy of protectionism

DHL CEO Frank Appel has taken aim at the economic policy of protectionism promoted by US President Donald Trump in a recent speech at the company’s AGM.

Appel said: “[Protectionism is] the wrong path, no matter where it is or what form it takes.

“The future is global. Anything else is a misconception. If you build new barriers, you will not be successful in the long term.

“Walls are not the solution. We want to make tomorrow better than today. To achieve this, we need to grow together even more.”

Regarding the outlook for DHL Appel added: “We are strongly positioned for a successful future. In 2017, with the current structure in place, we achieved the best result in the history of our company.”

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New challenges abound in the global economy at present, with not only overtures of protectionism rising from the US, but the potential of a trade war between the US and China brewing.

Such an eventuality would have punishing effects worldwide.

However, despite threats reaching a fever pitch recently, both China and Japan have made statements regarding the mitigation of aggressive rhetoric and a focus on resuming normal operations.

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