$2 Billion Euro Hyperloop Announced

$2 Billion Euro Hyperloop Announced

New European Hyperloop brings global vision closer

A near US$2 billion Hyperloop between Amsterdam and Frankfurt is in the process of being cleared, bringing a global hyperloop reality one step closer.

The proposed route, which would become Europe’s first Hyperloop, will stretch 450km from Schiphol Airport in the capital of the Netherlands to the German city of Frankfurt.

Travel time is expected to be 50 minutes.

This is the latest iteration of Hyperloop technology which is spreading around the world.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the UAE are motoring ahead with their joint hyperloop plans.

Watch: First Look at Dubai - Abu Dhabi Hyperloop Pod

Saudi Arabia is also already way ahead in making its hyperloop vision a reality, with the initiative forming part of its 2030 Vision.

Hyperloop uses vacuum energy to propel pods through a tube which can accelerate travellers and cargo to speeds of more than 700mph, drastically cutting travel times.

Hyperloop came into the being as the brainchild of billionaire inventor Elon Musk.

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