WorldACD: Global Air Cargo Volumes Down
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WorldACD: Global Air Cargo Volumes Down

MESA region remains stable

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In the latest trends report from air cargo data firm WorldACD, January 2019 has proved to continue the poor growth of 2018 with a volume drop of 2% year-on-year, coupled with a yield drop of 2.5%.

The drop has been attributed to a dive in perishables, pharmaceuticals and technology sectors.

Despite the global dip, the smaller regions of Africa and Central & South America (C&S Am) did achieve a year-on-year increase in outgoing business (by 3.8% and 0.6%).

All other origin regions were down on the year, with MESA region (M.E. and South Asia) staying relatively neutral year-on-year.

The countries doing well in January were Morocco and Egypt in Africa, and Ecuador and Costa Rica in C&S Am.

Perhaps one of the oddest elements of the latest was the UK.

While currently embroiled in Brexit uncertainty, almost all countries in Western Europe witnessed a 5.5% loss in total, while the UK grew by 5%.

This could be attributed to a pre-Brexit stocking up of goods.

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