Watch: Police Dogs Used to Detect Covid-19 Cases at UAE Airports

Watch: Police Dogs Used to Detect Covid-19 Cases at UAE Airports

First country to deploy sniffer dogs as additional line of detection at airports

The UAE has realized a new achievement with the successful practical use of police dogs all over the UAE airports as an additional defense line in detecting presumed Covid-19 cases.

In this way, the UAE is considered the first country in the world to put this method into action which is still under study and training stage in other countries.

The UAE experiment and its protocols are unique in avoiding any direct contact between the dogs and the persons under examination according to the highest standards of health precautionary measures.

Practical application has been preceded by the necessary studies and meetings, in addition to brainstorming workshops and cooperation with a number of countries and experts.

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After much research the dogs strong sense of smell is being used in police patrols and securing malls, events, airports and other vital facilities.

The specialized teams are distributed at the country's airports to supervise the actual application in monitoring and checking samples taken from those coming to the country from the armpit without direct contact with the dog.

The trained dog, in seconds, can determine the possibility of a person being infected or not.

This is considered as additional line that enhances the security and safety of passengers at airports with the gradual return and opening of more international airports and the increasing number of flights.

The UAE is taking pioneering steps through rapid checks, precautionary measures, and the use of police dogs and modern technologies.

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