Watch: Flights  Restart from Refurbished DXB Southern Runway

Watch: Flights Restart from Refurbished DXB Southern Runway

Dubai Airports’ 45-day programme completes successfully

As DXB's Southern Runway Rehabilitation programme is completed successfully, Dubai Airports takes a look at the efforts that went into the 45-day programme.

In the film linked below, Dubai Airports speaks with colleagues managing the engineering elements of this programme, as well as our service partners, DAEP.

At 17:54 on Thursday 30 May, the first aircraft - an Emirates Boeing777 travelling from Seattle – touched down on the newly refurbished tarmac marking the reopening and allowing DXB to return to full capacity.

During the runway refurbishment programme more than 18,500 truckloads of concrete, asphalt, materials and personnel were transported to and from the airport.

DXB and DWC ‘Good to Go’ for Runway Closure

At peak times this saw more than 90 construction vehicles per hour entering and exiting the airport.

Scheduling experts optimised DXB’s one runway operation so there was only a 32% reduction in flights for the period at DXB.

Traffic at Dubai’s second airport, DWC, increased by nearly 700% during the period and was applauded by customers and airlines for its speed, efficiency and convenience.

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