Saudia Cargo Wins the On-Time Hero Award

Saudia Cargo Wins the On-Time Hero Award

Exceptional delivery performance puts carrier ahead of the competition

Saudia Cargo has won the On-Time Hero Award at the TLME Heroes of the Pandemic Awards 2021.

The awards were hosted by TV presenter Katie Jensen with celebrity and 2x world champion boxer, Amir Khan presenting the Special Recognition Awards.

One of the most important key performance indicators of a logistics system is on-time delivery performance.

Air cargo is particularly time-sensitive as time savings are the primary reason to send cargo by air in the first place.

During the pandemic many of the region’s cargo carriers have pulled out all the stops in providing customers with timely deliveries of critical goods and services.

However, in the last 15 months Saudia Cargo has outperformed its peers to deliver exceptional on-time services to its customers not only in the Middle East but across the world.

Saudia has managed to achieve this thanks to its initiatives in digitalisation, maintaining the best modern fleet and of course, the dedication of its pilots, crews and engineering personnel.

As recognition of its exceptional adherence to delivery schedules and innovative allocation of fleet resources, Saudia Cargo garnered the most votes in this category to win the On-Time Hero Award.

Mr Abbas thanked the Saudia Cargo team who "worked round the clock" across the globe in order to ensure uninterrupted deliveries and operations of vital goods and supplies.

"Before the pandemic we used to say 'Delighted customer is our mission'. After the pandemic we added one more thing: 'Saving Lives'. So we always kept in mind that were saving lives and not just delivering goods."

Speaking of the future, Mr Abbas said: "We see Saudia Cargo building on its new strengths. We see a lot of investment happening at Saudia Cargo. This investment is not only in infrastructure but in its in people, in technology and many other things."

Mr Abbas goes on to add that he believes air cargo is a strong sector and will grow further in 2021-22 thanks to the scale of global vaccine distribution and the rise of the e-commerce business - particularly in the Middle East region.

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