Saudia Cargo Extends ULD Management Partnership with Unilode

Saudia Cargo Extends ULD Management Partnership with Unilode

Among other achievements over the past five years Unilode has transitioned Saudia Cargo to new 20 kg lighter solid door containers

Saudia Cargo has extended its ULD management partnership with Unilode Aviation Solutions until 2028.

Saudia Cargo has access to a fleet of 90 passenger and cargo wide-body aircraft and flies to 87 destinations.

The passenger and cargo divisions awarded the supply and management of their 21,000-strong container and pallet fleet to Unilode in 2017, which created one of the largest ULD management partnerships in the industry.

Over the past five years, Unilode has transitioned Saudia Cargo to new, 20 kg lighter solid door containers, which have enabled significant fuel and carbon emission savings.

The new agreement will also see Unilode replace the standard AKE containers with lightweight units from its ULD pool for additional synergy and sustainability benefits.

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Unilode will provide strategic ULD buffer stock to Saudia Cargo during the Hajj to enable hassle-free and efficient operations during the annual Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca.

Unilode’s pro-active ULD management services and digital ULD solutions will continue to enable Saudia Cargo to increase visibility of the supply chain and realise additional e-commerce revenue opportunities.

Teddy Zebitz, Chief Executive Officer, Saudia Cargo, said: “We are pleased to renew our full-service ULD management partnership with Unilode Aviation Solutions as it has delivered significant benefits to our operations over the past five years.

"Unilode’s digital ULD management solutions make it possible to gain more insights and greater visibility throughout our network and supply chain and continue to help us provide innovative and state-of-the-art solutions to our customers.

Unilode and Saudia Cargo have been working closely to enhance digitisation in industry practices which also reflects positively on our ESG policy. With Unilode’s innovative greener solutions, we look forward to working together towards a more sustainable future.”

Ross Marino, Chief Executive Officer, Unilode, said: “We are absolutely delighted and very proud that Saudia Cargo has taken the decision to continue partnering with Unilode for the supply, management, repair and digitalisation of their ULD fleet.

"They are strategic customers in our portfolio and their continued trust in our people and services demonstrate the value that they place on our partnership and collaboration."

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