IBS Software Announces Multi-Year Contract With British Airways  
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IBS Software Announces Multi-Year Contract With British Airways  

IBS Software will provide the airline with a technology solution for their flight and crew operations management

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IBS Software (IBS), a leading provider of new-gen IT solutions to the airline industry have signed a multi-million-dollar, multi-year contract with British Airways (BA) recently in London.

According to the contract’s terms, IBS will implement its newly launched state-of-the-art digital platform, iFlight NEO.

iFlight NEO is a browser-based application which provides users with enhanced situational awareness as well as access across multiple platforms and devices.

The technology solution is set to replace BA’s legacy mainframe Operations Control system and Flight Crew Tracking system, and will also consolidate a number of other applications into one comprehensive system.

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Klaus Goersch, Chief Operating Officer at British Airways, said: "Continuing to invest in new technology across all parts of our operation will help us to further improve our levels of punctuality and customer service.

“Keeping track of the movement and rostering of 270 aircraft and 4,500 pilots around the world and around the clock has many complexities and we know we will see real benefits by using the latest technology in this arena.”

The crew functionality will also enable BA to determine the most cost-effective use of its flight crew through day-of-operations execution including recovery from disruptions.

Improvements to the aircraft functionality include keeping the airline's entire flight operation on track by proactively highlighting problems and providing tools to quickly find and implement minimum-impact disruption recovery solutions.

Implementing iFlight NEO is expected to result in a reduction of fuel, crew and operational costs.

"To be chosen by one of the most prestigious airlines in the world is indeed a defining moment for our newly launched iFlight NEO platform.” said VK Mathews, Executive Chairman, The IBS Group.

Mathews added: “It demonstrates our strong relationship with the IAG group and the industry acceptance of our solution as a next-generation integrated platform for Airline Operations.

“We expect to add substantial business value to BA and be a transformational partner in their quest to achieve increased operational efficiencies and growth."

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