Have to Merge Traditional Knowledge with Modern Tech: Etihad Cargo

Have to Merge Traditional Knowledge with Modern Tech: Etihad Cargo

Etihad Cargo's Bader Al Ali feels real success can be achieved by merging experience with technological expertise

Host and moderator of the Future of Logistics conference Lars Jensen, asked panellists of the first session if automation technologies of today were advanced enough to be effectively used in transport and logistics operations and did we have the trained manpower in place to deploy state-of-the-art tech to the fullest?

Senior Commercial Manager with Etihad Cargo, Bader Al Ali said that Etihad had begun digitalisation of its in operations in 2018. Thanks to the initiative they were able to efficiently move to the work from home model through the pandemic.

Recently, Etihad Cargo implemented an artificial intelligence system within its warehouse and hub allowing it to utilise its warehouse and aircraft capacities to the maximum.

According to Mr Bader the pandemic has made it clear to everyone in the industry that digitalisation needs to be accelerated. Funds have also started flowing into the air cargo industry making investment in technology easier and working with the right partner was the way forward.

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In many ways the pandemic has highlighted the importance and potential of the transport and logistics industry which is seeing a lot of young blood now being attracted to the industry. This has set the right tone for implementing the latest technologies, said Mr Bader.

Mr Bader concluded by saying that moving forward the winners in the aviation industry will be companies that will find a way to merge their traditional knowledge and experience with modern technologies and expertise.

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