Etihad Cargo Fully Prepared for UAE-PLACI

Etihad Cargo Fully Prepared for UAE-PLACI

UAE Pre-Loading Advance Cargo Information regulations crucial to addressing potential threats

Etihad Cargo has announced its complete readiness for the UAE Pre-Loading Advance Cargo Information (PLACI) regulations, ensuring that partners and customers will experience no disruptions in their shipments.

This achievement underscores the carrier’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards of security and efficiency in operations.

PLACI is an advanced security measure designed to enhance the monitoring and safety of air cargo.

It mandates the submission of cargo data to regulatory authorities for risk assessment prior to loading, thereby enhancing the security of the supply chain.

This protocol is crucial for addressing potential threats early and supporting the seamless flow of commerce by ensuring that all cargo is risk-assessed before it is loaded onto an aircraft.

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As the national carrier of the UAE, Etihad Cargo is fully committed to the successful implementation of the UAE’s PLACI initiative and has integrated UAE PLACI standards into its global operations.

The carrier’s proactive involvement in the pilot phase has allowed Etihad Cargo to refine its processes and infrastructure, ensuring it is fully equipped to meet these new requirements efficiently.

Etihad Cargo ensures cargo is secured from acceptance through to loading at the departure point and on arrival, from unloading through to cargo delivery to the consignee.

Measures the carrier has put in place include ensuring the proper chain of custody is maintained and recorded in compliance with local and regulatory security requirements.

Stanislas Brun, Vice President Cargo at Etihad Cargo said: "As a combination carrier operating both passenger and freighter flights, the security and safety of guests, staff and the aircraft is a top concern for Etihad Cargo.

"As a cargo carrier, Etihad Cargo plays a significant role within the supply chain and has an increased responsibility to act as a filter and aid compliance.

"The early and comprehensive adoption of UAE PLACI protocols demonstrates Etihad Cargo’s dedication to security and a proactive approach to regulatory compliance."

"By ensuring that all security measures are addressed prior to loading, Etihad Cargo’s operations not only enhance safety, compliance and security but also provide partners and customers with peace of mind, knowing their cargo is handled with the utmost care and professionalism."

H.E. Mr Mubarak Alghafli, Executive Director at NAIC, stated: “In 2020, UAE-PLACI was launched to facilitate the movement of trade throughout the country’s borders and to take the necessary security measures to provide the safety of aircraft along with the people travelling on them.

“Etihad Cargo has been collaborating closely with NAIC and is one of the four carriers that participated in the PLACI pilot. Etihad Cargo has played an important role in the success of the UAE-PLACI."

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