Emirati Interns at Lockheed Martin Showcase New AI Solution
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Emirati Interns at Lockheed Martin Showcase New AI Solution

Demonstrate to Tawazun and EDGE senior officials how AI can used to improve aircraft inspections

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Top-performing Emirati interns at Lockheed Martin, the US-based global technology leader,recently showcased their work on advanced technology projects to senior UAE defense industry officials.

Presenting the outcomes of their summer internships at Lockheed Martin’s Center for Innovation and Security Solutions (CISS) in Masdar City, the UAE university students demonstrated real-world aerospace solutions they created.

Leaders from Tawazun Economic Council (Tawazun), the UAE’s defense and security industry enabler, and EDGE, the advanced technology group for defense and beyond watched the students lay out an AI based solution for aircraft inspection.

The students created an AI neural network to detect paint and primer defects on aircraft for use on crawler drones that carry out inspections on platforms such as the C-130 and the F-16.

The solution will deliver significant timeand cost savingscompared to an otherwise lengthy process of inspecting defects on aircraft wings and fuselages by hand.

Matar Al Romaithi, Chief Economic Development Officer at Tawazun, said: “This summer, Tawazun is very proud to have partnered with Lockheed Martin in shaping this defense and technology specialist summer internship program in tandem with our SEEDS initiative."

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Khalid Al Breiki, President – Mission Support, EDGE,who interacted with the interns at length, said: “As a nation, we have invested significantly in technological innovation and advancement. Yet, it is the competences and capabilities of people to develop and operate new technologies that matter the most."

Bob Harward, Chief Executive for Lockheed Martin Middle East, added: “Our commitment to building the capacity of the UAE’s local workforce remains as strong as ever, and we look forward to working more closely with Tawazun and EDGE to continue to nurtureEmirati talent in the aerospace and defense sector moving forward.”

Lockheed Martin’s CISS has hosted merit-based internship programs since 2017 and has implemented a series of technology development programs for Emirati engineers and industry professionals.

This year, the program saw 16 students receive specialist training in artificial intelligence development and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle design, working on real-world projects that will positively impact the UAE’s aerospace and defense industry.

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