Emirates SkyCargo Keeps Global Supply Chains for Perishables Moving

Emirates SkyCargo Keeps Global Supply Chains for Perishables Moving

500 tonnes of food items are transported every day

When Emirates SkyCargo’s first freighter flight took off from Guadalajara, Mexico, on the 2nd of October, the cargo hold contained several tonnes of avocadoes and other vegetables grown and harvested in Mexico and destined for supermarket shelves in Europe and the Middle East.

Currently around 500 tonnes of food items are transported every day in the cargo hold of Emirates aircraft across the world.

Emirates SkyCargo has ensured that adequate cargo capacity remains available on its widebody aircraft during the COVID-19 pandemic for the transport of urgent medical supplies as well as food items.

By doing this, the air cargo carrier is able to help countries and supermarkets maintain their food supplies and at the same time help farmers reliant on food exports continue to make their livelihoods in these challenging times.

In Kenya, Emirates’ 10 weekly flights in October 2020 from Nairobi airport transport, among other commodities, fresh fruits and vegetables such as green beans, pineapples, mangoes and avocadoes.

Emirates SkyCargo Launches Freighter Service to Guadalajara

The produce arrives in Dubai and then gets distributed to other regional markets in the Middle East and onwards to Europe.

Emirates’ flights taking off from Australia and New Zealand carry meat and a range of fruits including grapes and watermelons heading towards international markets.

Coconuts and jackfruit from Thailand, mangoes from India, sweet potatoes from Egypt, cheese from France and Italy, salmon from Norway, cherries from Chile, seafood from Pakistan, and bakery products from the Netherlands are just a limited selection of the food items that travel every day on Emirates’ flights across its global network of more than 130 destinations across six continents.

The growth of export markets over the last decade has also provided a boost to farming communities and agriculture in the various production markets.

With COVID-19 and the disruption to international passenger aviation, the supply chain for food products was put into risk of disruption.

However, Emirates SkyCargo worked very quickly to restore its international cargo connectivity.

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