Emirates Infographic Reviews Startling 2018
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Emirates Infographic Reviews Startling 2018

Emirates makes ‘flying better’ in 2018

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Emirates, the world’s largest international airline, delivered another year of trendsetting product and service initiatives across its fleet and network to make ‘flying better’ for its customers which has been exemplified in an infographic charting 2018.

In the last twelve months, Emirates carried over 59 million passengers on over 3,700 passenger flights on average per week.

The airline proudly served a diverse menu of over 66 million meals on its flights departing Dubai, and moved close to 36 million pieces of baggage in Dubai to its global network of 157 destinations.

In 2018, Emirates operated over 192,000 flights, with its fleet of 274 aircraft travelling more than 908 million kilometres around the globe.

Reflecting on 2018’s milestones, Sir Tim Clark, President, Emirates airline said: “Our ambitions have always been driven by a commitment to continual improvement - to make the customer experience better, and to make our business operations more efficient.

“We had our challenges in 2018, however we continued to maximise opportunities by deploying our capacity to best serve customer demand, keeping a close watch on our costs, utilising technology to improve business performance, as well as developing more customer-centric products and services to provide our passengers with greater choice.

“Our customers remain at the heart of everything we do, and our continual investments in the business will be the foundation on which we will build our future growth and continue to deliver solid results.”

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