Emirates Announces it Has No Plans for  Redundancies

Emirates Announces it Has No Plans for Redundancies

Airline currently "assessing the situation" as it prepares for resumption of services

In response to media reports of mass layoffs, Emirates has clarified in a statement that it is currently in the process of assessing the situation and weighing its expenditure costs. There are no plans for any redundencies at the moment.

A statement from Emirates said: “No announcement has been made regarding mass redundancies at the airline. Any such decision will be communicated in an appropriate fashion.

"Like any responsible business would do, our executive team has directed all departments to conduct a thorough review of costs and resourcing against business projections, even as we prepare for gradual service resumption.

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"As our Chairman has said, conserving cash, safeguarding our business, and preserving as much of as our skilled workforce as possible, remain our top priorities through this period.”

Airlines across the world have taken a major hit in the last two months with many going from planning aggressive expansions for the holiday season to now fighting hard just to stay afloat.

Etihad and Emirates in particular, with their heavy investments in fleets comprising several wide-bodied, jumbo class Airbus and Boeing passenger airplanes, are looking at a particularly challenging future.

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