Dubai Customs Handles 22 Million Passenger Bags in H1 Alone

Dubai Customs Handles 22 Million Passenger Bags in H1 Alone

Figure marks major growth in region and Dubai's international popularity

Dubai Customs has reported that it handled over 22.139 million travel bags in the first half (H1) of 2023, exhibiting the major growth of Dubai and its airports in recent years.

Dubai Customs also said the result "...demonstrates the advanced customs services provided by Dubai Customs, which have significantly reduced the time required for travelers to pass through airports without any delays."

The organisation also attributed the figure to the development of inspection and scanning devices at the customs centers.

These advanced devices, coupled with the inspectors' expertise in interpreting body language, enable them to effectively detect attempts to smuggle prohibited substances.

"Love and Openness"

Dubai Customs also made sure to note the Passenger Operations Department that actively supports the tourism and travel industry in Dubai.

Their goal is to "...showcase the emirate's exceptional qualities, as it offers top-notch family-oriented tourism services".

Dubai Customs added that: "The warm reception [passengers] receive at the airports reflects Dubai's spirit of love and openness towards visitors from around the world.

"The entire experience is immersed in an environment of harmony, cultural diversity, and the distinctiveness that characterizes the United Arab Emirates."

Ibrahim Al Kamali, Director of the Passenger Operations Department at Dubai Customs, stated that within Dubai Customs' 2021-2026 plan, the Passenger Operations Department plays a crucial role in facilitating customs procedures for travelers, ensuring their satisfaction, providing optimal reception, and enhancing the services offered to them.

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