Dubai Airports Records Massive Passenger Figures in H1, 2023

Dubai Airports Records Massive Passenger Figures in H1, 2023

Half 1 (H1) of 2023 has seen Dubai Airports utilise smart-tech to hit big figures

It has been announced that Dubai Airports has welcomed 26 million passengers already in 2023, according to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA).

It has also been announced that Dubai now utilizes smart gates for up to 36% of passengers, which eases congestion and optimizes operations.

H.E. Mohammed Ahmed Al Marri, Director General of GDRFA, said that "...through meticulous planning and preparation, the passport counters and smart gates at Dubai Airports are exceptionally equipped to handle passenger volumes surpassing initial projections."

He also attributed this capacity to forward-thinking strategies and commendable collaboration with strategic partners.

Additionally, Al Marri highlighted that GDRFA Dubai is committed to delivering top-tier services by "...leveraging artificial intelligence, digital transformation, and smart gate technologies."

"These innovations play a significant role in streamlining passenger flow, thus reducing congestion and wait times," he concluded.

Dubai Airports has also recently issued guidelines for travelers at DXB International (DXB) as it forecasts 3.5 million passengers from June 20 to July 3 in line with Eid al-Adha.

This means a total daily average of 252,000 passengers in this period.

Dubai Airports stated they forecast June 24 to be “exceptionally busy with a total departure load of nearly 100,000 passengers across DXB.”

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