China Warns Foreign Airlines Over Territories

China Warns Foreign Airlines Over Territories

Chinese government to ban airlines that do not recognise disputed territories

The Civil Aviation Administration of China has reportedly sent a letter to 36 carriers warning them that airlines that do not recognise the ‘One-China Principle’ will be discredited and face sanctions with regard to Chinese travel.

The One-China Principal is a political move by the Chinese government to emphasise that Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau are all parts of China, not separate entities.

Such a warning was aimed at US-based United Airlines, who passed the letter on to the White House.

China and the US have been at loggerheads recently after a full scale trade war threatened to break out, before being eased by China and Japan.

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The US has responded by criticising China’s demands, labelling them “Orwellian”.

While the punishments for violating the terms set out by China are still largely unclear, it is unlikely any major country would not recognise the demands.

China is committing vast amounts of money into its trade policy - known as the One belt, One Road (OBOR) initiative.

With OBOR, China plans to unite Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe in one smooth trade channel that harks back to an ancient silk route.

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