ACI World Supports Cleaner Energy Sources for Aviation at COP28

ACI World Supports Cleaner Energy Sources for Aviation at COP28

Advocates for regulatory frameworks to facilitate airports’ transition to sustainable energy

Airports Council International (ACI) World today reiterates its support for cleaner energy sources at the Global Sustainable Aviation Forum, a critical side-event of COP28, organized by the Air Transport Action Group (ATAG) that reunites key speakers across the aviation sector.

ACI World Director General Luis Felipe de Oliveira said: “As the voice of the world’s airports, we are present and engaged at ATAG’s Global Sustainable Aviation Forum at COP28.

"Airports are identifying new opportunities and roles they can play in their communities and regions as sustainability leaders. This includes supporting the increased uptake of sustainable aviation fuels, lower carbon aviation fuels and preparing for other sources of fuel such as hydrogen.

"Airports are also working with partners to reduce their Scope 3 emissions supported by government policies.

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"We look to governments to ensure that policies and regulatory frameworks are adapted to airports’ specific circumstances, to support the global electrical grid transition to net zero carbon, and to incentivize infrastructure development with appropriate financial mechanisms.”  

Representing the airport industry, ACI had recently affirmed its endorsement of the aviation sector’s transition away from fossil fuels during the ICAO CAAF/3 conference—commending the event’s successful outcome of a 5% carbon intensity reduction by 2030.  

ACI continues to advocate that no country is left behind; that States provide a supportive global framework to enable the implementation of the ICAO Long Term Aspirational Goal (LTAG) of net zero carbon emissions from 2050.

Such policy measures can de-risk the much-needed investment and ensure policy certainty, while enabling all States to participate both in the production and use of SAF on a non-discriminatory basis.

At the Global Sustainable Aviation Forum, ACI also led discussions on the critical role of clean hydrogen—a versatile energy source for alternative propulsion in aviation’s path of decarbonization.

Research estimates that shifting to alternative propulsion will require a capital investment of between US$700 billion and US$1.7 trillion across the value chain by 2050. These estimates suggest that approximately 90% of this investment will be for off-airport infrastructure.

ACI World has also been working with the World Economic Forum on the 'Airports of Tomorrow' initiative looking at innovative opportunities for airports to become energy hubs.

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