Profile: Etihad Cargo’s First Emirati Loadmaster  

Profile: Etihad Cargo’s First Emirati Loadmaster  

Loadmaster Rashed Saeed Alsafran Alhajeri first to be profiled in ‘Heroes of Etihad’ campaign

Rashed’s career path in aviation is far from typical. Inspired by his family, he initially set out to become a pilot - but life got in the way.

Loadmaster Rashed Saeed Alsafran Alhajeri
Loadmaster Rashed Saeed Alsafran Alhajeri

Never taking no for an answer, he was committed to pursuing his dream of working in aviation. The choices he made in his career eventually led Rashed from the cockpit to the cargo hold of Etihad’s freighter aircraft.

After an intense training programme that took him from Abu Dhabi across Etihad’s global network of destinations, Rashed Saeed Alsafran Alhajeri successfully qualified as a cargo loadmaster. He is now Etihad’s first ever UAE national loadmaster.

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He takes on the complex task of planning the distribution of cargo within Etihad’s aircraft, calculating where the aircraft's centre of gravity will be based on the weight distribution, and how much weight each compartment can safely hold.

Along with ensuring the safety of Etihad’s aircraft and flight crew, loadmasters like Rashed also make sure cargo is packed as efficiently as possible so that the space is optimised.

The campaign also serves to give an inside look into Etihad’s culture, while highlighting lesser-known opportunities in Abu Dhabi’s thriving aviation sector.

Part of Etihad Aviation Group, Etihad Cargo looks to be the best air cargo logistics provider in the industry with its full range of air freight products and services.

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