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Emirates Launches Dubai Media Channels
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Emirates Launches Dubai Media Channels

Two new TV channels dedicated to promoting the wide range of activities in Dubai and the UAE

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Airliner Emirates has added two new channels to its award-winning ice entertainment system, revealing two new TV channels dedicated to promoting the wide range of activities in Dubai and the UAE.

The channels will be on ice in December.

The innovative solution is aimed at helping Dubai and UAE businesses promote themselves to the over 5 million customers who fly on Emirates each month.

Dubai and the UAE are home to a growing list of top restaurants, world-class facilities and events, constantly giving visitors and residents something new explore.

Two promotional TV channels will be introduced initially – called Dining and Entertainment, and Attractions and Activities.

Emirates will highlight to passengers the availability of these channels, which are included in the ‘Dubai and Emirates’ section on ice.

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The promotional videos will feature everything from restaurants to golf courses, hotels to authentic UAE experiences, with a broader choice of options available going forward.

Patrick Brannelly, Emirates’ Divisional Vice President, and Customer Experience (IFEC), said: “Emirates has always promoted what Dubai and the UAE has to offer. These new TV channels provide local businesses a very affordable way to market themselves to arriving passengers and UAE residents.

“Maybe you’re coming to Dubai for an important meeting and want to find a great restaurant to take clients to, or perhaps you’re looking for ideas to entertain the family on holiday – these will be “go to” channels on ice to help you plan your trip.”

The new TV channels provide new marketing opportunities, with bespoke 60 to 120 second video clips allowing businesses to showcase their products and services to a huge and relevant audience.

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Emirates, in partnership with Motivate Media Group, will provide the end to end service of producing the promotional videos to providing the hosting platform.

Motivate Media Group will handle video bookings as well as providing a full video production support, from concept, design and scripting, all the way through to post-production and editing of content to meet the channel guidelines and format style.

Ian Fairservice, Managing Partner & Group Editor in Chief, Motivate Media Group said, “We have worked closely with Emirates for more than 30 years, and we’re very excited to start this new venture.

“This project provides a tremendous opportunity to build engaging content on the channel and help grow the inflight entertainment services on Emirates.”

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