Turkish Cargo Fly 3 Giraffes from Johannesburg to Tehran 
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Turkish Cargo Fly 3 Giraffes from Johannesburg to Tehran 

The 16 months-old giraffes travelled with their keepers, veterinarians and IATA Live Animal Regulation certified personnel

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Turkish Cargo has recently relocated 3 16 months-old giraffes from Johannesburg to Tehran, through a connecting flight via Istanbul.

The giraffes were accompanied by their keepers, veterinarians and IATA Live Animals Regulation (International Air Transport Association - Live Animals Regulations) certificated personnel of Turkish Cargo throughout the flight.

During the recent period of one month Turkish Cargo has successfully relocated a number of animals, including 10 lions, 7 of which were cubs, from Johannesburg to Pakistan, and 10 giraffes to Bangladesh, and 4 elephants to the United Arab Emirates, and 3 monkeys from the Democratic Republic of the Congo to Ukraine.

Turkish Cargo has been able to achieve this by creating conditions that mimic the animal’s natural living environment and by providing maximum care during the animal shipments.

Turkish Cargo currently offer their services to 122 countries and are a fast growing air cargo brand around the world.

For the best experience during the transportation of live animals, Turkish Cargo follows the guidelines described under the IATA LAR.

This outlines their acceptance, storage and shipment processes, and Turkish Cargo adheres to the same codes during the implementation of the documentation, encaging, labeling and marking.

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