Global Air Screening Security Market Growing
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Global Air Screening Security Market Growing

New report looks into the state of the global security screening market

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A new global Air Cargo Security Screening Market report shows a strong growth trend worldwide.

In order to change the growth into steady profit, the air cargo industry is investing in efficient air cargo screening processes and facilities.

Efficient air cargo screening systems are one of the major factors that help to enhance the screening efficiency and reduce security threats.

Considering the volume of air cargo traffic, diversity of origins, and the varying nature of commodities, air cargo remains a high target for terrorist attacks.

World Air Cargo Volumes Grow by 4.8% in Q1, 2018

In order to tackle such threats, most of the countries and global organizations have strengthened the requirement for air cargo security screening, and new rules and regulations have also been implemented.

Key screening systems currently in use, include screening systems based on X-ray, ETD, and EDS technologies.

Along with the increased air cargo volume, dedicated air cargo terminals are being built.

Furthermore, there are new standards and recommended practices by the ICAO, that require member nations to establish a system to secure the air cargo supply chain, resulting in the need for sophisticated air cargo security and screening systems.

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