Watch: Flying Car Startup To Disrupt Cargo Shipping?

Watch: Flying Car Startup To Disrupt Cargo Shipping?

LuftCar developing the 'flying forklift'

US-based company LuftCar are targetting the cargo industry for major evolution via it's flying car that has just received US$100m worth of investment.

The hydrogen-powered electric vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) vehicle offers shippers novel new ways to complete mass last-mile deliveries, as well as medium-length trips.

Private equity group GEM Global Yield is behind the funding of the two-seater prototype that was originally intended as a passenger vehicle, but has been remodeled as a cargo solution.

Take a deep dive into the innovative new solution via the video below:

Dubbed the 'flying forklift' because it has the ability to carry a vehicle beneath it, the prototype is making waves in the sector.

Santh Sathya, Founder and CEO of LuftCar, said: “With the prototype demonstration of LuftCar's innovative airframe design, which involves a LuftCar IP of five-point docking mechanism and a self-aligning catch tongue, we are confident that we will make a big market impact in air cargo, defense and regional transportation segments.

“The funds from GEM LLC will be used to scale up commercialization efforts and will be treated as series A investment.” 

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