Supply Chain Managers Finding AI Systems 'Frustrating'

Supply Chain Managers Finding AI Systems 'Frustrating'

New report outlines issues with AI

A new report from Secondmind states that during lockdown many supply chain operators have turned to AI, yet found the technology 'frustrating'.

The report, which surveyed 500 supply chain planners, states that there are two major problems impacting operations.

The first issue is data issues.

With AI dependent on solid streams of meaningful data to harness, managers have found themselves at a loss with incomplete data sets and henceforth unreliable results.

The second major issue noted was organizational problems.

As AI has yet to be deeply embedded in operations, it has proved tricky for many to plan effectively with AI in mind and fit it in to pre-existing operations.

Despite these challenges, over 90% of respondents stated they still belived in AI's long-term potential, however.

Vishal Chatrath, co-founder and CEO of Secondmind, said: “Covid-19 has been a wake-up call for businesses operating in global supply chains as they prepare to rapidly accelerate the implementation and deployment of AI in the coming years.

"For AI to realize its potential, it will be critical for organizations to deploy systems that can cope with sparse or incomplete data environments and promote the effective collaboration between people and AI."

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