Smart Dubai Launches AI Ethics Guidelines 
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Smart Dubai Launches AI Ethics Guidelines 

Dubai aims to become world leader in artificial intelligence

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Dubai’s quest to become the world’s smartest city has received a strong ethical grounding with the unveiling of guidelines for the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The new ‘Ethical AI Toolkit,’ which provides advice to individuals and organisations offering AI services, has been formulated by the Smart Dubai Office (Smart Dubai) – the government department that has a mandate to make Dubai the world’s happiest city through innovation.

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Outlining the need for the new guidelines, Smart Dubai says that they will encourage organisations that deliver AI services to place a priority on fairness, transparency and accountability and that they will serve to elevate the city’s position as a thought leader in in the adoption of AI across government services and beyond.

Her Excellency Dr. Aisha bint Butti bin Bishr, Director General of the Smart Dubai Office, said: “Our vision is for Dubai to excel in the use of technology to maximise human benefit and happiness, as well as to be a global technology standard-setter.

“Artificial Intelligence plays an integral role in all of this, and with the use of AI growing exponentially across the globe, the ethical dimension of this nascent but rapidly proliferating technology is an increasing topic of discussion on the international stage.”

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AI is widely seen as the next frontier for the transport and logistics sector, especially within the Middle East region.

Smart Dubai is actively encouraging ongoing critiquing from across the AI community in relation to the guidelines.

This feedback, combined with Smart Dubai’s research, aims to help iterate the Ethical AI Toolkit so that its framework and guidance keeps pace with technological advancements.

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