Saudi Arabia to Spend $585 Million on Road Projects
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Saudi Arabia to Spend $585 Million on Road Projects

Kingdom is prioritising safety and security

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Saudi Arabia is to invest US$585 million on a raft of road safety projects as part of its Saudi 2030 Vision, according to reports.

In the first phase of the massive infrastructure project, $200 million will be spent in a bid to cover 68,000kms of road.

In  Phase Two, the anticipated plan is to outline 15 projects over the next three years, all aimed at reducing the number of accidents and casualties on the kingdom’s roads.

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The move comes after estimates rank traffic accidents as causing billions of dollars of damage each year, as well as claiming lives.

Future projects are looking into implementing new facilities at animal crossings, protective barriers for lampposts, improved intersections and junctions, and enhanced streetlighting around dangerous intersections.

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