Mobily & Huawei to Bring 5G to Saudi Arabia

Mobily & Huawei to Bring 5G to Saudi Arabia

Telecoms giants outline plan for kingdom

Saudi telecoms giant Mobily and Chinese counterpart Huawei have reportedly signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to collaborate on a five-year plan to bring 5G to Saudi Arabia.

The plan has been named ‘Network 2023’, and involves a widespread end-to-end network evaluation, as well as an evolution strategy to upgrade Mobily’s existing infrastructure.

5G is widely thought to be the technological infrastructure that could support the widespread adoption of internet of things (IoT) technologies.

Given Saudi Arabia’s 2030 Vision, which sees moving away from an oil-based economy as central to its aims, the adoption of 5G would be a big step on that path.

Saudi Arabia Forms Team for Futuristic City

Saudi Arabia seems committed to developing itself into one of the world’s leading technology and logistics hubs in the next decade.

Mobily and Huawei are to collaborate on IT and data centre strategy and planning to make the jump happen.

Huawei will also act as Mobily’s consultant from an industry and consumer perspective, offering market and business insights and strategy.

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