Microsoft to Create Satellite-Based Supply Chain

Microsoft to Create Satellite-Based Supply Chain

Microsoft partner with satellite specialist Inmarsat

Microsoft Azure and satellite comms company Inmarsat are to collaborate creating Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) connectivity in a move to bring a new level of connectivity to the supply chain.

Tara MacLachlan, Inmarsat’s VP of Industrial IoT Strategy, said: “This collaboration with Microsoft Azure is central to our Industrial IoT strategy and will enable our customers to access the data generated and processed by our intelligent edge IoT solutions, regardless of where their infrastructure is located.

"Analysing this data and using it to optimise operations is where the fundamental value of IoT resides, and the applications that Microsoft can deliver through Azure and IoT cloud solutions will be critical to delivering this value to our customers.”

Inmarsat owns and operates 13 satellites in geostationary orbit 35,786km (22,236 miles) above the Earth.

Sam George, Director of Azure IoT, said: "With Inmarsat, customers across industries from agriculture to mining and logistics sectors, will benefit from the power of the intelligent cloud and intelligent edge with global satellite connectivity in the most remote parts of the globe.”

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