India to Map its Boundaries in Huge AI Project
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India to Map its Boundaries in Huge AI Project

The plan will change how transport and logistics functions in India

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India has launched a project to digitally map its boundaries using drones, AI, and big data in order to reshape the way transport and logistics in managed in the country, according to reports.

The project is to be driven by the Survey of India (SoI).

The eventual aim of the project is to map 75% of India, which is around 2.4 million square kilometres.

In order to do this project, the SoI will use 300 drones and spend US$6 billion.

SoI isn’t tracking 100% of the country as 25% dense forest, unscalable hills and desert land.

The images in the mapping will be taken with a resolution of 10 centimeters they will allow for unprecedented detail, especially in remote regions.

Gireesh Kumar, Director-General, SoI, said: “We are aiming to provide good high-resolution foundation maps.

“We’ve used aerial photography before for mapping purposes (taking pictures from planes) but that’s expensive and has its limitations. This is the right time to deploy drones,”

Once the data is collected, it will be available to citizens and local authorities, which will allow for improved decision making and planning of infrastructure projects.

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