Foster+Partners Join Saudi Hyperloop Team

Foster+Partners Join Saudi Hyperloop Team

Leading architecture firm to add new dimension to future project

World-leading UK-based architecture firm Foster+Partners is to join the team for Hyperloop One in Saudi Arabia, adding an extra dimension of expert planning.

Saudi Arabia’s Hyperloop One looks set to be the world’s first given that it has now tested the futuristic technology at scale, which the competition has yet to do.

Hyperloop is seen as the future of cargo and passenger travel, having the ability to massively increases travel times, with speeds quoted at 1,200kmh.

Saudi Arabia sees the technology as a vital part of its Vision 2030, the kingdom’s plan to render Saudi Arabia the most technologically advanced country in the world and a state that is no longer so reliant on oil as the foundation of its economy.

Foster + Partners is one of the world’s leading architectural firms with a CV boasting projects such as London’s Wembley Stadium, Hong Kong Airport and leading skyscrapers in nearly all the world’s major cities.

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