Dubai Customs Tops Happiness Meter 2018 with 98%  
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Dubai Customs Tops Happiness Meter 2018 with 98%  

‘ideclare’ app reduces declaration times to 5 minutes

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Dubai Customs hit a new record on Smart Dubai Office’s Happiness Meter scoring 97.49%. This is the highest percentage reached by a government department since the launch of the happiness meter, and is above the 95% bar, which is the targeted percentage for client happiness in Dubai by the year 2020.

Dubai Customs topped the medium government entities with 1.75 million votes, 21.87% of total number of votes for the happiness meter 2018.

Dubai Customs reached this level of client satisfaction and happiness thanks to its responsive interaction with the traders, businessmen, investors and passengers who receive quick and quality customs services.

In 2018, Dubai Customs launched “ideclare” application which enables passengers into Dubai declare their belongings if needed in only 5 minutes, rather than 45 minutes, which was the average time needed to do the process.

ideclare is a smart mobile app to securely submit declaration on the go.

The app bypasses the current traditional paper forms, providing a quick and secure way to transfer information to the passengers on customs rules and regulations and will help passengers to cut down on waiting time in line.

The Authorized Economic Operator (AEO), developed by Dubai Customs and launched under the aegis of the Federal Customs Authority, has contributed noticeably in increasing clients’ happiness and satisfaction.

Dubai Customs has also launched a Client Happiness Charter which helps define and measure procedures and steps taken to improve services.

They have also developed communication channels with the clients including “Ertebaat” initiative which connects Dubai Customs with diplomatic missions and foreign business councils.

Commenting on the achievement, Ahmed Mahboob Musabih, Director of Dubai Customs said: “Every day Dubai is getting closer to become the happiest city on earth, especially with the announcement of the eight principles, 50-year charter and the 10 commandments of governance by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai.

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“These all translate His Highness’s vision of turning innovation into a daily practice and making people happy into a daily government habit.

“With this in mind, we develop our services regularly to make our clients, employees and partners happier. Dubai Customs provides 19 bundles of customs services to its clients through a sophisticated smart system in 16 customs centers.

“Number of customs transactions done by Dubai Customs in 2018 rose to 9.6 million, and number of companies registered at Dubai Customs rose to 223,000 companies”.

Musabih added that these efforts will also serve Dubai mission of hosting Expo 2020, Dubai silk road, and building the first virtual trade zone in the region.

On his part, Edris Behzad, Client Management Director said: “Topping the happiness meter urges us not only to keep up the good work, but also to try to beat ourselves and come up with better ways and innovative methods to raise our clients’ satisfaction.

“We developed strategies and plans to further improve services provided to clients which will help them towards more efficient and streamlined business”.

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