Dubai Customs Launches Smart 'Aman' Platform
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Dubai Customs Launches Smart 'Aman' Platform

App to help raise awareness around cybersecurity

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Dubai Customs has officialy launched its Aman (Safety) Platform to enhance security of it transactions.

The new platform will help raise awareness around cybersecurity through effective simulation of cyber violations and identify loopholes in the work environment.

Aman is an Information Security Regulation (ISR) requirement, and a performance indicator for the Dubai Electronic Security Center (DESC).

In his statement through the video conference at the launch of the new portal, Ahmed Mahboob Musabih, Director General of Dubai Customs said: “We keep abreast with the latest technologies in Dubai Customs in line with the Dubai Cyber Security Strategy to curb and prevent any hazards related to cyber-attacks and violations."

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The cybersecurity market in the UAE saw 10% growth in 2019, due to a growth in cyber threats.

Cyber-attacks mutated and developed from individual attempts to organized and highly trained cyber-attacks.

The new platform will serve as an innovative e-educational platform that doesn’t only provide information, but also can simulate these violations and identify points of weakness and customize the training needed for each department and employee.

Adel Al Housani, Manager of Information Security Section said: “The new platform will play a role in protecting the information and systems of the organization from any cyber-attacks, and this will reduce the budget allocated to this purpose.”

Employees can access and interact with the platform anytime and from any place using the normal PC, smart tablet or mobile phones.

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