Dubai Customs Foils Massive Drug Smuggling Operation

Dubai Customs Foils Massive Drug Smuggling Operation

Successfully prevented trafficking of 200,000 restricted narcotics and pills

Dubai Customs' Intelligence Department has achieved a significant milestone by intercepting a major drug smuggling attempt via air cargo. They successfully prevented the trafficking of 200,000 restricted narcotics and pills valued at approximately US$1.7 million.

This operation is a crucial part of Dubai Customs' overarching strategy to safeguard the community from security threats, contributing significantly to maintaining the UAE's reputation as a secure and stable environment and an attractive destination for investment.

Intriguingly, the operation unfolded when the specialized team at Dubai Customs Intelligence Department grew suspicious of two shipments arriving from an Asian country.

Their diligent inspection revealed that the first shipment, comprising 20 parcels, concealed narcotics and restricted pharmaceuticals weighing in at a hefty 460 kilograms.

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The second shipment, consisting of 22 parcels, carried 520 kilograms of Tramadol, totaling a staggering 175,300 tablets.

Consequently, the seized goods and individuals involved were handed over to the Dubai Police's General Directorate of Anti-Narcotics, following stringent legal procedures and protocols.

H.E. Ahmed Mahboob Musabih, Director General of Dubai Customs, CEO of Ports, Customs and Free Zone Corporation, stated: "Dubai Customs has set a pivotal goal in its 2021-2026 strategy - to lead globally in safe customs practices, achieved through our dedicated workforce and specialized systems.

"Our mission is to enhance security measures and protect both our society and economy."

He highlighted that as Dubai continues to excel on the global stage, it has become an international exemplar in combatting all forms of narcotics, prohibited substances, and restricted pharmaceuticals.

Dubai Customs actively participates in these endeavors to uphold Dubai's status as a global trade hub, attracting investments, businesses, and residents from around the world.

Musabih commended the unwavering commitment and remarkable efforts of the Dubai Customs Intelligence Department team in their tireless dedication to national security, ensuring the safety of the homeland, its citizens, and residents.

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