Dubai Customs’ Air Cargo Centers Process 81,162 Items in 11 Months

Dubai Customs’ Air Cargo Centers Process 81,162 Items in 11 Months

Goods valued at $240 billion, including insurance and shipping costs

Air Cargo Centers Management has dealt with 81.162 items of goods since the beginning of 2022 until the end of November with an estimated value of $240 billion, including insurance and shipping costs.

The Management includes: the Cargo Village (customer service and inspection), Airport Free  Zone (customer service and inspection), Emirates Post Inspection Center, Air Cargo Center at Al Maktoum International Airport (customer service and inspection), and Dubai Multi Commodities Center (DMCC).

The Management provides services to the air cargo sector including courier and e-commerce companies and airborne goods such as foodstuff, precious metals and stones. 

Dubai Customs Turns 100% Paperless

Sultan Saif Al-Suwaidi, Director of Air Cargo Centers Management said: “The customs centers under the Air Cargo Centers Management perform well to keep up with the growing external trade and the continuous expansion in e-commerce operations.

“Dubai Customs ensures all the Management systems are updated and ready to cope with the increasing number of customs transactions, whilst maintaining top quality services to our clients.

"This will encourage businesses increase their commercial activity in Dubai, being a global hub for trade and investment.

"We continuously develop our performance by equipping our centers with the latest equipment and technologies, and training our inspectors and staff following the latest trends in the field.

"These best practices help our clients increase their revenues and help us keep up with the rapid shift in global trade towards e-commerce.”

Airborne goods need to be delivered at destination quickly, which requires speedy and agile customs service, whilst maintaining security to ensure no prohibited goods enter the country.

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