Careem BUS Launched in Egypt
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Careem BUS Launched in Egypt

To help ease Cairo traffic conditions

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Careem BUS has just launched in Egypt, and not only will it help with mobility in Cairo, it could also change the city for the better.

A report from the World Bank estimates the annual costs of the congestion in Cairo to be up to $8 billion and clearly the situation there is one that needs to be addressed.

Careem undertook a study and discovered that 40 per cent of the Egyptian population is not being served by a proper transportation service that suits their needs.

In Cairo, at present there is no reliable and quality bus service available on the city’s main routes that can help solve the congestion problem.

Careem BUS represents the middle ground between the existing public transport and ride hailing cars.

It aims to be a middle-priced service that middle-income residents and commuters can use every day.

Kingdom Holding Hikes Investment in Careem by $200 Million

The middle segment in Egypt is currently forced to buy cars for their daily commute simply because there are not any other viable options that suit them. And that leads to more congestion and slows everyone down.

Careem has already made an impact in Egypt with its motorbike service.

To start with, Careem BUS will be using 13-seater vehicles although based on customer feedback this may change in future.

Here’s how Careem BUS works…

Via the app you choose the Car type “Bus” then select the pick-up and drop off location. This will show you all the available buses that are close to those two points and you’re able to select the bus with the best time that fits with you.

Then you’re shown the brand of the bus, plate number and captain details and you can track the bus on its way to you – just like you do when calling a car on the Careem app.

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