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Dubai RTA to Celebrate   9th Public Transport Day 
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Dubai RTA to Celebrate 9th Public Transport Day 

AED150,000 allocated for winners of Innovative Contests  

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Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority is all set to celebrate the 9th Public Transport Day with a variety of activities in collaboration with Samsung, Global Village, At The Top, Burj Khalifa, Cannon, Fly Dubai, Majed Al Futtaim Group (MAF) and SERCO (Dubai Metro & Tram Operator).

Valuable prizes and rewards will be given out to participants.

Said Ahmed Bahrozyan, CEO of Public Transport Agency cum Chairman of the Organising Committee of RTA’s Public Transport Day Events: “Five users of public transport riders (one of them from the People of Determination) will be selected as winners of prizes amounting to AED100,000.

“Five other public transport riders from RTA employees will be selected as winners of prizes amounting to AED50,000,”

“Moreover, using public transport means in Dubai during the lead-up of the campaign starting on October 22nd and continuing up to 1st November (The Public Transport Day) will earn triple the Loyalty Points of nol Plus.

“Thus, it boosts the chances of winning cash prizes and rewards,” he said.

For the first time, the People of Determination will have a superb opportunity to take part in the event as of October 22 similar to other public transport users where all will have the chance to win prizes for frequent use of public transport use.

On 25 October, A number of People of Determination (from government entities in Dubai) will assemble at Rashidiya Metro Station, and will then be escorted in a journey

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Upon arrival at the Museum, the participants will be divided into six teams, under the supervision of a trained team of volunteers, into Metro, Tram, Taxi, Buses, Water Transport, and RTA Services.

Workshops will be held where one of the visually impaired youths; he is an activist in the People of Determination affairs and regular user of public transport will deliver a lecture. The participants will then be offered a tour of the Museum.

Tourists will also take part in this community-oriented event by Moving Hands Free.

Dubai RTA to Celebrate   9th Public Transport Day 

Dubz Company, a specialist in luggage movers, will lift the luggage of 100 tourists from the Airport to any place in Dubai on the first day of November.

Each tourist will be offered a nol card to offer them the experience of entering the city without handheld luggage while in the metro or buses.

The 9th edition of the Public Transport Day features a Being Creative on the Move Challenge, which will make the difference amongst university students.

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It involves students using public transport modes, taking one-minute video footage and sending it to RTA’s social media channels. The Challenge will start on October 22 and winners will be announced on the Public Transport Day.

Another contest (nol Matching Halves), which involves two participants among public transport riders; each has a nol card bearing half an image of a gift.

Each contestant has to search for the other. Should the holder of one half of the gift’s image fail to find the holder of the other half, he or she can post an image of the Card onto the Instagram along with the hashtag (#WeMoveTogether) of the contest to be able to look for the holder of the other half of the gift image.

Once they meet, they need to contact the dial-free number (8009090) and the Call Center will lead them to the specific place for receiving the award at the premises of the RTA.

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