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Uber to Buy Europe’s Deliveroo? 
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Uber to Buy Europe’s Deliveroo? 

$2 billion offer reportedly on table

TLME News Service

Uber is interested in purchasing Deliveroo, the UK-based technology start-up which transports food and goods across European cities.

Figures being touted amount to around US$2 billion.

Uber is a US-based smart taxi giant based in Silicon Valley, word-famous for disrupting the minicab sector, while Deliveroo started out delivering food in the UK and has grown to serve over 200 cities worldwide.

Uber and Deliveroo have both revolutionised deliveries by operating services that use couriers on pedal bikes, motorbikes or cars to pick up food from restaurants that do not otherwise offer delivery services.

Because the two players have such a vast share of the market, some City of London analysts have raised concerns around regulations.

As a takeover could effectively monopolise the market, it is unclear whether a move could go through.

While Uber is a global brand, Deliveroo is predominantly European based, although it does have arms in the UAE and Australia.

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