e-Commerce Site Relocates to Dubai

e-Commerce Site Relocates to Dubai

Move signifies growing opportunities in the Emirate

Online boutique Little Wren has announced that it is relocating to Dubai, UAE, where it will now head its operations.

Little Wren is owned by Emirati Aisha Alkhaja, who has said she sees potential for business opportunities by relocating to Dubai.

Alkhaja said: “I have big plans for Little Wren next year, and re-locating back to the Middle East is part of the strategy to not only centralise distribution, but to fill a gap in the market.”

Little Wren is an international business and plans to open an office and distribution warehouse in Dubai, according to Alkhaja.

Dubai has recently been recognized as the Most Innovative City in the Middle East in 2thinknow’s 2018 report which ranks the globe’s most innovative cities.

The UAE Emirate has pushed itself to become a world leader and aims to be the world's first smartest city after the upcoming Expo 2020 in Dubai.

World Gearing Up for Expo 2020

Dubai ranks first place for ‘smart city’ applications at present, as well as having the highest awareness, usage and satisfaction among its residents.

Technologies key to Dubai’s smart ranking and future development include, the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, the cloud, networking, big data, content and real-time data.

The technologies mean Dubai is set to see self driving cars and an interactive city infrastructure.

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