US  to Implement Hyperloop in Texas

US to Implement Hyperloop in Texas

Texas joins Abu Dhabi as hyperloop pioneer

Dallas-Fort Worth Regional Transportation Council (RTC) has announced that it will explore hyperloop technology for two major transportation initiatives across the state of Texas, US.

The announcement adds one more global location to the list of cities and countries now engaging in hyperloop technology.

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Hyperloop allows vehicles to travel at speeds of around 750mph with minimal aerodynamic resistance by operating in a low pressure environment, utilizing next-generation magnetic levitation technology.

“The RTC is all about bringing innovation to the transportation system in the Dallas-Fort Worth region and hyperloop would be an exciting technology to add,” said Gary Fickes, Tarrant County Commissioner and Chair of the Regional Transportation Council.

“I think the future’s very bright for hyperloop and its use in the Dallas-Fort Worth region.”

Rob Lloyd, CEO of Virgin Hyperloop One, said: “The Dallas-Fort Worth Regional Transportation Council has proven itself as forward-thinking agency that wants to give its region a competitive edge by leveraging next-generation technology.

“Virgin Hyperloop One is excited to pursue these projects, which would transform what are now separate metropolitan areas into one economic mega-region connected by high speed transport.”

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