Abu Dhabi Ports Prioritize Safety with Awards
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Abu Dhabi Ports Prioritize Safety with Awards

In line with Abu Dhabi Ports’ commitment to promote adoption of international best practices for health, safety and environment (HSE) in the workplace, the company launched the first edition of its NEESHAN Awards

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Abu Dhabi Ports (ADP) has held its first ever NEESHAN Awards ceremony celebrating best practices for health, safety and environment throughout its operations.

The NEESHAN awards, held during the same month as World Day for Safety and Health at Work, are aimed at “…nurturing a culture that understands and prioritises health, safety and environment performance as well as encouraging continuous improvement and development in the field.”

The annual awards included the following categories: Best HSE Performance; Best Risk Management; Best Contractor Management; Best Change Management; Best Waste Management; Best HSE Initiative; and Best HSE Observations Close-out.

The Individual HSE award categories included: Best HSE Performance, Best HSE Representative, Best HSE Suggestion, Best Initiative, Best HSE Fire Warden, Best HSE Corrective Observation Reporter, and Best Internal Auditor.

The Customer Awards included: Best HSE Performance; Best Waste Management Performance; Best HSE Performance –Major Construction/ Project; Best HSE Performance – Contractor; Best HSE Performance – Construction/ Project;, Best HSE Initiative; Best Waste Management Performance – Tenant; Best Waste Management Performance - Shipping Agent; and Best HSE Representative – Individual.

Mr Abdulla Humaid Al-Hameli, Executive Vice President – Corporate Support, Abu Dhabi Ports, said: “The UAE’s leadership has provided us with unwavering support to adopt the best Health, Safety and Environmental standards and practices to ensure a safe working environment for all.

“Since its inception, Abu Dhabi Ports has stressed the importance of Health, Safety and Environmental practices, as we are committed to achieving the highest international standards. It is important to recognize those who are championing this cause, and it is this that led us to launch Neeshan.”

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