ZIM Joins Avantida Platform to Offer Street Turn Service in the US 
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ZIM Joins Avantida Platform to Offer Street Turn Service in the US 

ZIM joins Maersk online to offer reuse for import containers

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Avantida, an E2open company, has announced that ZIM, one of the leading shipping lines, has partnered with Avantida to offer street turn services in the United States via the Avantida platform.

ZIM, the second shipping line to offer this service to US transporters, joins Maersk, who introduced the Avantida platform to the US and Canada last month.

Avantida’s platform facilitates empty container triangulation, or the reuse of an import container for an export booking (street turn).

This fully digital process offered by ZIM not only provides dispatchers and planners requesting street turns with an accurate, reliable response, it also reduces time, transport costs and CO2 emissions as truck miles are reduced.

In less than a month since Avantida launched in the US and Canada, it has welcomed over 130 transport and logistics companies to its platform.

Adding ZIM to the Avantida network allows end users to experience the benefits of connecting with multiple shipping lines on one single platform.

Said Luc De Clerck, CEO, Avantida: "We are quickly gaining traction in the US. The partnerships with Maersk and now ZIM reflect the market's eagerness to embrace the Avantida platform.”

“We hope to soon offer the transport community in the US a central hub for requesting optimisations to all major shipping lines."

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Said Gil Lehman, ZIM US VP Logistics: “We have a successful partnership with Avantida in Europe, and are sure the platform will provide great opportunities to the transporters in the US who are seeking to optimise their container transport planning, while reducing their carbon footprint.”

“The cooperation is part of ZIM’s ongoing effort to introduce new advanced platforms for the benefit of our vendors and customers”, added Ronen Meroz, ZIM Global Intermodal Manager.

Today, the Avantida platform is active in over 16 countries. Overall, the platform counts on over 4,000 registered companies and facilitates an average of 2,000 transactions a day.

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