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New World-Largest Vessels Under Construction
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New World-Largest Vessels Under Construction

22,000 TEU giants being prepared in China

TLME News Service

Two containerships slated to be 22,000 TEU, making them the largest containerships ever built, is underway in China, according to China Daily.

The record breaking vessels will measure 400 metres in length, 61.3 meters in breadth and 33.5 meters in depth.

The vessels are being built by China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC) for French liner CMA CGM, the third largest liner in the world.

Boxship sizes have continued to increase exponentially, even since the 2008 recession when the shipping market hit major turbulence.

Given the ever increasing sizes of ships in the ‘mega-ship’ era, ports have had continued issues in facilitating ships of such tremendous size in their berths, as well as consistent difficulties in handling the large capacities on board.

CMA CGM to Build AI Vessels

Ports worldwide have deepened berths and expanded capacity where possible to keep pace.

Ports in the Middle East have been able to utilize their vision, space and wealth to prepare for the change in ships sizes, while prior established economies such as those in Europe and the US have struggled due to a lack of space to expand and persistent issues around unionisation.

The very largest ships in the world traverse the east-west route which goes from China to Europe via the Middle East.

The two vessels are expected to be delivered in 2019 when they will most likely be seen undertaking that route.

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