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Maersk Links Middle East in New Transatlantic Service
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Maersk Links Middle East in New Transatlantic Service

Middle East region continues to grow

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Maersk Line, the world's largest shipping company, has announced the expansion of its product portfolio between Europe's Mediterranean region and Canada, which will offer a transhipment service to the Middle East.

The move is in response to growing global demand.

Key markets will be conveniently connected to the new service thanks to integrated transhipment services in Algeciras and Valencia, with consistent products to/from the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

The exclusive Maersk-operated service, the Mediterranean-Montreal Express, will have its first sailing on July 2, 2018, departing from Salerno, Italy, and arriving in Montreal on July 19.

Maersk Begins 2018 with Strong Revenue

Jack Mahoney, President of Maersk Line Canada, said: "With one agreement in effect to fuel Canadian imports and exports in the Atlantic and another one in the works for the Pacific, this represents only favourable wind behind the expansion of our services in Canada and enable our customers to reach new markets."

Last year, Canadian imports and exports grew 6.9%, a barometer of economic health and prosperity for the country.

For 2018, Maersk forecasts a growth of 7% in maritime container volume with CETA and CPTPP accords expected to further support this development in both transatlantic and transpacific trades.

In addition, Maersk expects to see another year of healthy growth for Middle East.

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