Bahrain Metro Construction Set for 2019
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Bahrain Metro Construction Set for 2019

Infrastructure development planned to enhance global competitiveness

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Bahrain is anticipated to start work on a new metro system in 2019, according to reports.

Bahrain has a long held national plan to revamp its infrastructure, and is willing to spend around US$30 billion in order to become one of the most modern countries in the world.

The infrastructure development is also planned to enhance global competitiveness.

Funding is currently being sought for the project that is anticipated to cost around US$1 billion, with the metro plan a 29km monorail with cars travelling up to 36km.

Bahrain has also recently slashed the timeframe for land applications in response to demand for industrial space and as part of the government strategy to build a powerful logistics and manufacturing sector.

The initiative, introduced by the Bahrain Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Tourism, guarantees that complete applications for industrial land will be assessed within a maximum of only 18 working days.

Bahrain has invested heavily in establishing industrial zones throughout the country in recent decades, and by 2020, even more investment will see the development of vast new industrial zones.

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